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The American farmer had too long been misunderstood by the American people. That was the message, loud and clear, from farmers to the DuPont Crop Protection division.

For years, Dupont had been spending millions annually in the Midwest and Deep South on TV commercials that touted their chemicals for corn, soybeans, wheat and more. But much more than a better herbicide, farmers desired to be better portrayed for who they were and what they did.

Despite providing the safest, most bountiful food supply in the world, they felt underappreciated. They wanted a little credit for being stewards of the land; true conservationists and even environmentalists. They wanted to be seen as serving up the world’s greatest food supply and preserve their way of life.

We created a campaign that aired on national programs like Face the Nation, Meet the Press, CBS Sunday Morning, and print ads that appeared in the Wall St. Journal and other high-profile magazines, with messaging about common issues most farmers face. The challenges and uncertainties, heroic, hard work, and love for the land.

The campaign was an overwhelming success. It was a year DuPont stopped talking about killing weeds, gave farming a voice and let customer advocacy bloom and flower.