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Golisano Children’s Hospital Opening

How do you tell the community that the new Golisano Children’s Hospital was ready to open? How about through the use of a children’s book. But this couldn’t be just any book. It had to be as impressive as the hospital it would represent. With the help of Sandy, the hospital’s long trusted mascot, Antithesis and the UR Medicine Marketing Team created a larger than life experience. A series of 5 billboards were created. Each week the board would change, revealing a new piece of the story. Engaged commuters began looking forward to the next chapter in the story.

week 1gch_2_billboard1

week 2gch_3_billboard2

week 3gch_4_billboard3

week 4gch_5_billboard4

week 5gch_6_billboard5

Sandy mascot mobile displaygch_7_bigsandy

print adgch-8-rbj-mockup


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